Customizable Candles

Hand Poured in Toronto Canada

Home Decor

Staple pieces to add extra shine to any room


Custom to create the perfect astrology candle to match each signs unique characteristics

Winter Holiday

The perfect candles to get into the festive spirit


For the animal lovers

Physique Candles

Lets get physical - inclusive to all body types


Love is in the air


Scare people when your candle starts to...bleed...

Hand Gestures

The perfect gifts for all. Whether it be for a loved one, an ex, an annoying boss, or a best friend - we have it all


tooth, feet, bleeding doll heads... anything weird - you name it, we got it

Jar Candles

hidden messages, custom labels, custom imaging - great for gifts

Best Sellers

Customer Favourites

Word Pillars

Funny sayings to add to your home